Dogs and Art!  My two consuming passions that have evolved into a career of painting pet portraits and volunteering for animal rescue.     The beautiful canine companions of my collectors aren't just dogs, they are beloved members of the family. Every time I am commissioned to create a portrait of one of them, I feel honored to be invited into that family circle! 

Watercolor is the perfect medium for bringing beautiful, transluscent color into such a portrait.  Much like the families I work with, the fluidity of the family dynamics mimics the shimmering effects that I create with my watercolors and brushestrokes. 

I also love painting in a Paper Collage / Mixed Media style. This involves painting in acrylic,  then adding texture and depth by collaging torn paper on top.   The torn papers blend to create artwork in a fun, non-traditional image.  What I love about this form of art is the ability to personalize a project.   I can do this using old paperwork from you - vet papers, old letters, and many other things.  Papers that you don't want to throw away, yet are not sure why you have saved them.  Paper used in my projects are both found papers, and hand painted as well.  This makes your portrait even more special and recycles paper you would otherwise toss away.

I also enjoy working on other custom painting subjects.  If there is something of interest, please reach out to discuss your project!


When I am not painting, I am spending time with my husband, daughter and two dogs in Chicago. 


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